descriptionA Python interface for specifying Ninja/Makefile build systems.
ownerinstitute git
last changeMon, 6 May 2013 15:31:05 +0000
2013-05-06 tychoish minor: fixing unicode bug master
2013-04-09 tycho garen correcting reference
2013-04-09 tycho garen moving test
2013-04-09 tycho garen build: imports of basic infrastructure changes
2013-04-09 tycho garen inital attempt at a change log, and revamped tutorial
2013-04-09 tycho garen improved semantics for adding whole blocks to systems...
2013-03-30 tycho garen BUMP version
2013-03-30 tycho garen release prep
2013-03-30 tycho garen minor: fixing docstrings
2013-03-30 tycho garen docs,fixing: adding doc strings, fixing logical errors...
2013-03-23 tycho garen fixing gitignore
2013-03-23 tycho garen adding support for multi-item dependencies and targets...
2013-03-23 tycho garen build: updates and tweaks
2013-03-23 tycho garen initial docs commit and infrastructure
2013-03-04 tycho garen renaming project "buildcloth"
2013-03-02 tycho garen added a better build rule abstraction to simplify clien...
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